During the year:
120EUR/up to 6 pers./night/chalet. Above this numer of persons we take 10 Euro/night/pers. Children: between 14-07 years 7 Euro/child/night, between 07-03 years 5 Euro/child/night, and for children up to 05 for free.

We can record a three nights' (four days) booking.

Number of guests:
Above 14 years:
Between 14-07 years:
Between 07-03 years:
Under 3 years:
Number of nights:
Total:   EUR
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New Year's Eve:
1500 Euro/chalet/5 nights
1375 Euro/chalet/4 nights
1250 Euro/chalet/3 nights

- The chalet is rented for only one group of tourists. The rest of the rooms won't be offered to other guests
- The chalet can be used from 15:00
- The chalet must be left be 10:00