Smeu Attila - guest house - Liban

What is "a house with key"?
The house with key is a unique possibility for tourists that they wont be disturbed either by the owner or by other tourists. The house is built on private land. The house is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and toilet, a living room, and the bedrooms. We provide dishes, covers and bedclothes. The wood for the fire are prepared for the tourists. The houses are prepared for the guests. Leaving the house the owner clean the house for the next groups.

800 m2 Yard
Parameters: 12 X 9 m
Number of floors: 1
Number of rooms: 5 + 3
Number of persons: 16 + 8 
Rooms/bed 2 / 4 // 2 / 4 // 4 //// 3 / 3 / 2
Bathroom I: shower + WC + sink
Bathroom II: WC + sink
Bathroom III: shower + WC + sink
Bathroom IV: shower + WC + sink
Bathroom V: shower + WC + sink

Town / village:
o Liban
The accommodation environment:
o Situated close to the mountains
o Situated close to the stream
o Situated close to forest
Type of the accommodation:
o Lodging
Renting possibilities:
o The building, including the yard
Total capacity (without extra bed):
o Max. 16 pers.
It is built of:
o Timber house
Number of rooms:
o 5 room's
Number of bathrooms:
o 4 bathrooms
The accommodation facilities:
o TV and Satellite
o Bed linen
x Washing machine
x Hair-dryer
o Hand Towel
x Bath Towel
o Gas stove
x Electric stove
o Dishwasher
o Refrigerator
o Microwave oven
o Toaster
o Coffee maker
o Tea maker
x Pressure-cooker
o Pots, plates, cutlery
x Iron
x Mini-safe
The yard facilities:
o Covered arbour
o Terrace / Garden pavilion
o Barbecue grill
x Traditional bread oven
o Outdoor fireplace
o Cauldron
o Plow disc cooker
x Deck chair
x Outdoor shower
o Swing
x Seesaw
o Toboggan
x Sand box
x Basketball backboard
o Pin-pong table
x Football field
x Foot tennis court
x Tenis court
x Volleyball court
x Children's pool
Secler Jacuzzi :
o Yes
o Yes
Also open in winter:
o Yes
Heat able with:
o With open fireplace
o With electric radiator
o With infrared panel
Making hot water:
o With electricity
Power supply:
o Wired Power Supply
WIFI Internet:
o Yes
Mobile signal strength:
o Yes
Pets can be brought:
o Yes
Smoking in the building:
o Only in the garden
The caretaker lives there:
o Separately on an adjacent plot
o In courtyard
The base price is determined for:
o To 6 pers.

Main Road 50 m
Riding a horse 21000 m
Skiing slope 34000 m
Petrol station 14000 m
Supermarket 2000 m
Restaurant 11000 m

Smeu Attila - guest house

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