Nagy Lak I. guest house - Baraj Zetea

The Nagy Lak I. guest house in August is occupied.

What is a Chalet?
The chalet hasn't got permanent staff and therefore it offers you the unique opportunity that neither the host, nor a foreign tourist group can disturb you and your family's peace. Our Chalet is built on a separate plot. As standard equipment it has a kitchen (with cooking/baking facilities!), hot- and cold water showers, toilets, dining- and living-room and bedrooms. Pots, plates, cutlery, blankets and bed linen are provided. The wood is cut and prepared for our guests. Accommodations are prepared for the arrival of the guests. After departure the caretaker performs every kind of cleaning duties!

Note: The Nagy Lak I. guest house, which was built in 1993, was totally rebuilt in the spring of 2007! This site shows photos and description of the newly built guest house.

The three buildings (main building + 2 cottages) were built to accommodate 8 + (2) people. As they are chalets, the whole yard (1200 m2) and the buildings on it can be booked by a single group. (If the main building is booked by a smaller group then the cottages will remain empty.)

In the main building, on the ground floor there is a living room (LCD TV + WIFI Internet), dining room, a fully equipped kitchen (including dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coffee maker), a bathroom (includes bathtub, sink and hair dryer) and the restroom (includes flush toilets and a sink).

In case of larger groups there is a pull-out round sofa in the living room which is comfortable for two people.

Upstairs there are two rooms. (Equipped with LCD TV) In one of the rooms there are two single beds. In the other room there is a double bed. Here you can also claim an additional mattress bed. This room has a restroom. (Includes a flush toilet and a sink)

In the main building we can accommodate up to four people (+ two people on mattress beds).

The building was built of wood, it has original wooden shingle roofing and it is winterized. Cooking in the kitchen is with gas cylinder. Heating is with wood in tile stoves and cast iron stoves or radiators which operate with electrical power. Electric boiler provides hot water to the showers in the bathrooms. The main building has two separate restrooms and a shower. The network water is suitable for human consumption!

Pots, plates, cutlery, blankets and bed linen are provided.

Lighting comes from power cables (220 volts). In the living room there is a satellite receiver, (with more than 50 channels!) an LCD TV and a CD player.

During your stay you can keep your values in the mini safe from the living room.

On a common yard, twenty meters away from the main building there are two winterized cottages each being equipped with a double bed. In these two cottages four additional people can be accommodated. Both cottages have bathrooms. (They include: flush toilet, bathtub, washbasin, electric boiler!)

An oil-filled radiator with thermostat provides the heating of the cottage. (For security reasons there is also a cast iron stove at your disposal but as the winterization of the cottages is more than adequate, it never really gets used!) The infrared panels, that are mounted on the ceiling, are responsible for the warmth in the bathroom.

The cottages are very popular among our guests: It has happened on several occasions that our guests couldn't decide who should be the lucky pair who can stay in the cottage, so they put an end to the debate by drawing lots!

Note: The two cottages are identical in every respect!

Note: The premises of Nagy Lak I. can be heated separately, too! When choosing the suitable accommodation, a very important criterion is the possibility of providing warmth continuously!

Main features of the accommodation:
Yard: 1200 m2 (On common courtyard with the two cottages!)

Main Building:
The guest house's rating: 2 daisies (2 stars)
Name of the accommodation: Guest house operating as Chalet
House square meters: 7 X 7 m
Number of floors: 1
Number of rooms: 2
Total capacity: 4 + (2)
Rooms / bed (or capacity) (2) //2 / 2
Bathroom I: bathtub + sink
Bathroom II: flush toilet + sink
Bathroom III: flush toilet + sink

Rating of the cottages: 2 daisies (2 stars)
Name of the accommodation: Cottage operating as chalet
Number of cottages: 2 pc
Parameters of a cottage: 5 m X 3,5 m
Number of floors: Ground floor
Number of rooms: 1 pc in every cottage
Total capacity: 2 people in each cottage
Bathrooms in a cottage: 1 pc (bathtub + flush toilet + washbasin)

Town / village:
o Zetea Dam
The accommodation environment:
o Situated close to the mountains
o Situated close to Lake
o Situated close to forest
Type of the accommodation:
o Chalet
Renting possibilities:
o The building, including the yard
Total capacity (without extra bed):
o Max. 8 pers.
It is built of:
o Timber house
Number of rooms:
o 4 room's
Number of bathrooms:
o 5 bathrooms
The accommodation facilities:
o TV and Satellite
o Bed linen
o Washing machine
o Hair-dryer
o Hand Towel
x Bath Towel
o Gas stove
x Electric stove
o Dishwasher
o Refrigerator
o Microwave oven
o Toaster
o Coffee maker
o Tea maker
o Pressure-cooker
o Pots, plates, cutlery
o Iron
o Mini-safe
The yard facilities:
o Covered arbour
o Terrace / Garden pavilion
o Barbecue grill
x Traditional bread oven
o Outdoor fireplace
o Cauldron
o Plow disc cooker
o Deck chair
o Outdoor shower
o Swing
o Seesaw
o Toboggan
o Sand box
o Basketball backboard
o Pin-pong table
x Football field
o Foot tennis court
x Tenis court
o Volleyball court
x Children's pool
Secler Jacuzzi :
o Yes
o Yes
Also open in winter:
o Yes
Heat able with:
o With tile stove
o With metal stove
o With electric radiator
o With infrared panel
Making hot water:
o With electricity
Power supply:
o Wired Power Supply
WIFI Internet:
o Yes
Mobile signal strength:
o Yes
Pets can be brought:
o Yes
Smoking in the building:
o Only in the garden
The caretaker lives there:
x No
o In courtyard
The base price is determined for:
o To 6 pers.
o To 8 pers.

Distances in meters:

Asphalt road 150 m
Riding centre 9000 m
Ski slope 21000 m
Gas station 4000 m
Grocery store 2000 m
Restaurant 2000 m

Direct website:

Nagy Lak I. guest house

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