Dear Guests,
My name is Arpad Nagy. I was born in 1967. My wife and I are your hosts. We are living in Transylvania and we have Hungarian nationality. Many years have passed since our villa became a hostelry (an inn) which is in a wonderful place, and since that time we have been developing our Boarding house with Key consciously by keeping our guests' comfort in mind. We have had few very successful years. We have had many guests and have made many friends. Our motto is no accident: "Come as a guest, leave as a friend"

According to a beautiful proverb, God gave birth to Transylvania on the 7th day of the week to his own joy and delight by choosing for this land the best of His creation: high mountains, deep valleys, forests and green meadows.

Hargita county is situated on the eastern part of Transylvania in Sekler land. The majority of the population - everywhere in Seklerland - is Hungarian, only very few Romanians live among them but they also speak the Hungarian language. The county is rich in mineral water and blows. Water with different mineral content spring all over the county. There are many mineral water springs on your way you should try them out!

Hargita county is one of the richest Transylvanian county in woodland. You can see woods in continuous density. In lower places oak and beech woods are present. The higher places give home for the pine empire. The highest peak, which is still covered with forest, is at 1500 m on the Harghita mountain. At the end of the summer forest are grateful with a lot of mushroom species. Its animal world is amasingly diverse. Many deer, wild-boar find a pleasant place to live. Bears, lynxes, wildcats and wolves are also found in these forests.

This natural frame combines perfectly with the historical objects and specific Transylvanian museums starting from Castle Bran (crowned with Dracula's legend) to castles and fortress churches or the wooden churches which are unique in Europe.

Enjoy the traditional hospitability of these places and people, the special culinary goods, the traditional drinks and get in touch with the traditions kept hundreds of years.

Dear Guests,
Nature blessed Szekler land with more treasure than the other regions of this country. Our responsibility is to guarantee the best conditions for our Guests in discovering the natural beauties of this region.

What is the task of a host if not to ensure a homy place for those who come around for a couple of days or weeks because just the walls, roofs and furniture do not give the feeling of a home. We took this into consideration even when we chose and designed our comfort giver things. This investment can brought up to life with our hospitability so to the comfort we added a smile, a nice word or a delicious home made food.

That is why our motto is: `Arrive as guests and leave as friends.`

If you would like to spend your holiday in a nice, friendly sourrounding please consider our accommodation offer!

Enjoy the hospitality of the Transylvanian people!
Discover the undiscovered...
Don't forget: Transylvania is expecting every Traveller with open arms!


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