Useful hints

Border crossing:

Beginning with 1. January, 2007, for the EU citizens it is sufficient to show a valid (new type) ID card to cross the border. For those children who do not have an ID, it is necessary to use their passport!


In Romania within the towns/villages, one can travel with 50 km/hour, outside the town/villages with 90 km/hour. From the border to Odorheiu Secuiesc (mostly in villages) the policemen measure the speed 3 or 4 times. It is relatively complicated to pay the penalties. (There is no fine on the spot, therefore you need to pay the fine at the town hall, and the receipt evidencing the payment has to be sent to the address of the police station, which issued the penalty!)


Approximately 1 liter of petrol = is the equivalent of 1,2 Euros (in Ron). I would like to draw your attention to the following petrol stations: Rompetrol, OMW, Mol, Lukoil or Petrom. It is not recommended to fill up your car's tank at "No name" petrol stations!


The main roads are in good conditions in Romania! You can travel in very good circumstances all over Secler Land!

Road tax:

From the year 2005 one needs to buy road stickers for the vehicles that circulate on the roads of Romania. You can buy the road stickers at the petrol stations located near the border.

Road sticker for a day: -
Road sticker for 7 days: 3 Euros
Road sticker for 30 days: 7 Euros
Road sticker for a year: 28 Euros


Euro is accepted almost everywhere, but it isn't advisable to pay with it, as it is not converted well. It would be good to exchange that much money (Euros) at the customs that will be enough for the whole journey. A greater amount of money is worth exchanging in Odorheiu Secuiesc, because the exchange rate is better for Forint and for Euros as well. It is advisable to exchange money at official exchange offices. There are ATMs in many places that facilitate a rapid withdrawal. (Master Card, Visa Card and Euro Card).


It is not worth packing lots of food because you can buy everything in Odorheiu Secuiesc. Recommended stores: Kaufland and Merkur.
There are also small village shops near the accommodation where you can buy the basic food supply. (Do not buy meat or cold cuts in these shops!)


There aren't any restaurants near the accommodation. If you long for a candlelight dinner, you will need to go into the town Odorheiu Secuiesc. I recommend the following restaurants: Gonduzo, Gizi Csarda, Septimia and Jungle.


The mobile phones have signal strength. Once in Romania, you should dial the same way as you'd do it at home, from the contract-based devices.
The phone service from home can provide you with information in connection with the operation of cell phones that have pre-pay cards/SIM cards in Romania.


The local weather and the weather of Eastern Europe are influenced by weather fronts. Of course, because of the proximity of the mountains (an altitude of 650-850 m), it is 3-5 degrees cooler here.

Have a good journey!

Arpad Nagy


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