Arpad Haza Inn

In Sub Cetate, the Arpad Haza Sekler Inn has opened its doors, where you can have a meal (day by day) in a very pleasant environment.

This cozy room, furnished with traditional Sekler furniture is a pleasant location for tasting the Sekler cuisine's and homemade drinks' flavours.

We had two main aspects in mind when designing the menu. On the one hand, we wanted to offer our guests the opportunity to get a taste of the typical, simple, homely Sekler cuisine's flavours, on the other hand we found it important to always prepare the meals from fresh, good quality, preferably homemade, organic ingredients.

To require a daily menu:

In case of half board service we serve brunch, for dinner we offer you dishes that are based on the recipes of the traditional Sekler cuisine. We can prepare a single kind of menu a day. You only then have the possibility to choose between the menus if other groups don't require half board service at the same time. Since we only prepare those certain portions of menu a day which are specifically being ordered, please indicate your need for the half board service at least one day in advance.

1.) Tomato soup. Pork stew, macaroni, mixed pickles. Stewed fruit
2.) Transylvanian Ciorba soup. Fried polenta with cream and cheese. Crépe pancakes
3.) Sour cherry soup. Transylvanian veal stew, macaroni, pickled cucumber. Crépe pancakes
4.) Bone broth with boiled dumplings. Stuffed cabbage. Fruits
5.) Salad soup with scrambled eggs. Layered potato sausage casserole, mixed pickles. Cake
6.) Tarragon potato soup with smoked meat. Chicken paprikash with polenta, mixed pickles. Stewed fruit
7.) Meatball soup. Potato stew, mixed pickles. Floating island
8.) Cabbage soup. Saucy dish of cubed pork, mashed potato, mixed pickles. Fruits
9.) Vegetable soup. Transylvanian cabbage. Doughnuts
10.) Green bean soup. Medallion pork stew á la Brasso, pickled cucumber. Crépe pancakes
11.) Hungarian sloppy cabbage soup. Grilled minced meat rolls (Mititei), mustard, bread. Cake
12.) Bean soup with knuckle of pork. Sweet whey cheese pancakes
13.) Duck broth soup with noodles. Layered cabbage á la Kolozsvar. Hungarian Angel Wing fry cookies


Breakfast: 4 Euros/person/day
Dinner: 9 Euros/person/day
Half board: 11 Euros/person/day

Enjoy your meal!

Having asked for the bill and noting that you are being accommodated with the help of Mr. Arpad Nagy, you will receive a 5% discount.



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