The Vargyas Strait!

The Vargyas Strait!

The Vargyas Strait is one of the most beautiful and most interesting natural sight in Transylvania, in Seklerland. Its caves, limestone cliffs, lonely cliffs and specific flora and fauna amaze the visitors.

The caves of the strait were used as shelters even from ancient times. This proved to be true due to the findings and artifacts but later people visited the place because of its miraculous beauty. It is quite hard to reach and there aren’t so many information about the location however more and more tourists visit this sight every year.

Vargyas Strait: The picture is picturesque: mountain stream among very high and extremely abrupt cliffs, 4 km long cave system formed in the ice age. Protected plants and animals found their living habitat and 17 species, out of 30 in Romania, of bat. This is the country of peace and cavers think that “if you haven’t seen the world of silence you cannot understand it”.

Hiking tour from Vargyas to Koalja
Blue cross blaze, 2-2,5 hours

Following the blue cross blaze from Vargyas you can reach the strait through a forest road, keeping the Vargyas stream on your right side. There are road signs at the crossroad in Vargyas and there is also a reservation sign board. Reaching the Hidegaszo stream turn left (the way takes you through the stream and continues in the Hidegaszo stream valley) and after a short time we get to Koalja to the beginning of the strait.

Hiking tour from Koalja to Orban Balazs cave
Koalja – Felsziget – Locsur – Orban Balazs cave: blue cross blaze, 30 min.

Depending on your time you came make other trips but visitors usually want to see the Orban Balazs cave. We start following the blue cross blaze, passing over a suspension-bridge and continue our way on the left along the stream coming to Kocsur path crossroad. Not far from the crossroad in the streambed there is a drinkable spring called Bear spring. If you aren’t planning a tour for visiting Kocsur then you can turn right at the red point blaze and after a short climb you get to the neck of Kocsur, from there turning to the left you get to the key stone. Returning back to the stream the path goes on leaving Kocsur and crossing the stream you get to Felsziget (peninsula) Going along the right side of the stream you leave the Nagy Kogorgeteg (Big rock-glacier) behind and opposite you can see the huge stone of Csudaloko (Admirer Stone). Opposite Csudaloko there is Locsur cave. Before you get to Locsur cave you must turn left on a path without blazes and you can climb up to Csala tower and to the Tatar cave and to the Mir adore. Opposite Locsur there is a suspended bridge and crossing it turning to right after about 10 minutes you get to the entrance of the biggest cave in the strait. Return to Koalja on the same path.

Useful telephone numbers:
- Life guards: (OO4)-O724 212585, (OO4)-O725 826668, 112;
- Environmental protection authorities: (OO4)-O267 378252; (OO4)-O742 2O4574, (OO4) O744-336976.

Personal contact: Ildiko Denes

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