Odorheiu Secuiesc - the Sekler town!

Odorheiu Secuiesc - the Sekler town!

On the upper part of the Tarnava Mare river there lays the famous Sekler town.

Walking in the “most Hungarian town” we can see that here weren’t built many concrete giants so the centre of town remained in its old style with nice buildings.

The centre of the town is compelling, the buildings have been renovated and the parks are full of flowers. The Reformed church stands in the middle in classical baroque style and was built in 1781.

Not far from the church there is the town hall which is also a beautiful eclectic building built in 1896.

From the Town hall square you take a walk and get to Marton Aron square where the great bishop’s statue stands. The surrounding buildings tell stories about this town’s school history. The former Reformed College was built in 1912 in secession style and today is the Benedek Elek teacher Training college. The statue of Benedek Elek stands in the middle of the yard. Next to this building there is the Reformed College founded in 1670 by count Bethlen Janos.

There is the “Iron Sekler’s” statue which is a memorial for the sekler heroes in the I. WW. At the other side of the town centre there is another statue park which was inaugurated in 2004. It shows famous Hungarian historical figures.

The third most interesting church is the Franciscan roman catholic church. It has two spires and it was built in 1730.

Above the Marton Aron square you should climb up the steps. We get to the St. Nicholas Hill where you can find the roman catholic church built in baroque and classic style. You should go for a walk in the cemetery. The scenery is beautiful and you can see some very old and interesting gravestones of famous people and besides the sight of the town is amazing.

Near the church there is another beautiful building and this the Tamasi Aron Gymnasium. This was built in eclectic-secession style and there you can also see the writer’s statue. Every year at the third weekend of July there is a three-day feast the “Mives Emberek Sokadalma” in the Szekelytamadt castle. The feast is Seklerland biggest open market for handcrafts.

The town’s people favorite relaxing place Seiche Bai is only a few kilometers away.

The water of the bath is mineral and there is a mineral spring not far and there is also an indoor sulphur bath near the restaurant. But the real sight here is Orban Balazs, the greatest Sekler’s, honorary monument. Up on the hill in front of the monument there are 11 sekler gates. All those different beautiful gates to the shrine represent the great sekler worthily. The first gate from the monument was Orban Balazs’s gate from 1888.

The Bath and Mineral water museum of Seiche was opened in 2008, there are a lot to see in a beautiful surrounding. Next to the main building there is a pomp house from where you can pomp water. The cart house belongs to the museum and the are two mineral water transporter carts exposed. On the ground floor there is a small exposition about Orban Balazs works and life. There is a touch screen presenter about the thermal waters of Transylvania and there you can also read descriptions about the old bath places all around Transylvania starting from the roman time.

Discover Seklerland!

Yours sincerely,
Arpad Nagy

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