Sleigh-ride at the top of Hargita mountain!

Sleigh-ride at the top of Hargita mountain!

Sleigh-ride: 5 adults/1 sleigh or 9 adults/2 sleighs
(In the previous case the second sleigh is going to be the trailer of the first sleigh)

Notice: The first 1 km are going to be on foot.

Departure: Nagy Lak II lodging
Itinerary: The fountain at the top of Nagypatak (Harghita mountain)
Arrival: Nagy Lak II lodging
Duration: ½ hour walk (up the hill), 2 hour sledging (return) and ½ hour rest at the fountain
Cost: 40 Euros/ride/1 sledge or 60 Euros/ride/2 sledges
For a 7 night accommodation at the Nagy Lak lodgings the ride is free of charge.

You are going to experience an unforgettable ride on a horse sleigh with the sleigh-bells ringing. The gliding sleigh and the sound of the horseshoe on the snow-covered hills and mountains give you a real peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

You feel yourself in the middle of a true miracle while you are watching the amazing view under your thick covers as the sleigh is gliding through the roads of the unspoiled landscape.

It is a good idea trying the delicious mulled wine. Try the following recipe:

Preparing time: 15 min.
Ingredients (4 pers.)
750 ml dry white wine
60-70 g sugar
2 bars of cinnamon
6-8 clove grains
2-3 allspice grains
4-5 slices of lemon

Warm up the wine, the sugar and the spices altogether before it boils and mix it from time to time. Do not boil the wine because it can destroy its flavor. Put it into a thermos and take it with you for the ride.

Have a pleasant sleigh-ride and enjoy yourselves.

Yours sincerely,
Arpad Nagy

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