Fishing on the Dam of Zetea!

Fishing on the Dam of Zetea!

Fishing is permitted in the lake every day of the year! (Note: In the mountain torrents, there will be an opportunity for fishing on Saturday and on Sunday.)

Fish species that can occur in the Dam: bullhead, trout, grayling, pike, bass, carp, Prussian carp, and bleak.

The Dam of Zetea is not a fishing-pond in the strict sense of the word. Here the fish eat and multiply under natural circumstances. Primarily the twirling and the fly-fishing techniques are the effective ones. Of course the fisherman’s luck is also needed for efficiency.

A trout, weighing 5-6 kilograms, was also caught in the lake. (This is not a fisherman’s tale!)

The daily tickets and the annual lettings can be purchased in Sub Cetate, in the “Sarki ABC” shop – the shop around the corner (every day from 8 a.m until 8 p.m, on Sunday from 11 a.m until 2 p.m)

Daily tickets cost: 10 Euro
Annual lettings cost: 80 Euro

Fishing regulations on the Dam of Zetea:

1. Adherence of the Romanian laws concerning fishing is compulsory to every fisherman.

2. Fishing is permitted after buying the daily ticket or the annual letting.

3. Adults with daily tickets (annual lettings) can angle with two fishing rods, with maximum two hooks on each fishing rod, children with only one fishing rod.

4. The allowed daily fish quantity: from the trout maximum of 4 pieces, those are 20-35 centimeters long, plus 4 kilograms from other fish species, or 1 piece of trout, that exceeds 35 centimeters and 4 kilograms from other fish species.

5. Undersized fish species have to be put back in the lake, no matter in what condition they are. Minimal sizes: grayling 25 cm, trout 20 cm, carp 35 cm, bass 40 cm, pike 40 cm, bullhead 25 cm.

6. The time period for fishing is half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset.

7. Fishing from a boat must not disturb the coastal fishermen under any circumstances. The boat fisherman has to be at that person‘s disposal, who is authorized to control him, in case of a warning from the coast, he must row to the shore with his boat.

8. It is prohibited to pollute the water with any kinds of substances, to use internal-combustion engines to drive the boats, or to use it for any other kind of activities.

9. It is prohibited to grub up the plants around the Dam, to cut out or truncate the trees, as well as littering. Making a fire is only permitted in the assigned places.

10. Violation of the fishing regulations trails the exclusion from fishing.

11. The fisherman, with the daily ticket purchase, fully accepts the above mentioned conditions. Not having read the fishing regulations, is not an exemption for not keeping these regulations.

We wish our fishermen a cultural rest, sporting recreation and a good catch!

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