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Let's discover Varsag, the untouched village world, while riding our bikes!

Approaching the Csorgoko waterfall: (It is the waterfall of Seklerland, the headwaters of the Tarnava Mare river)

Varsag is situated to the north-west from the junction of the Reservoir of Sub Cetate, being 12 km away from the Dam. We move on towards the locality centre, that is 2 km away from the traffic sign, which indicates the locality, we turn to the right onto the road next to the supermarket called Julia, from which we deviate to the right again 300 m later, next to the wood processing plant, in the direction of Nagykut. 100 m away from the crossroads, on the left side of the road you can see a 200-year-old, functioning water-mill. The owner of the mill is Mr. Venci, who will willingly put this museum piece in operation for you and presents its history and principle of operation using local Hungarian dialectical speech. After admiring the mill, we get back on our bikes again, riding upwards on the forest trail. The rest of the road offers the visitor a wonderful scenery which is worth experiencing. After an approx. 3,5 km bike ride we reach the traffic sign that indicates the waterfall and the resting-place. (I would suggest locking up your bikes, just in case!). One can already hear the rumbling sound of the water from the resting-place. Following either this sound or the arrow direction indicator, after 100 m we arrive to a beautiful place, where we can refresh ourselves in the summer heat under the cool creek water that falls upon the ground from 6-7 meters.
(As clean as the water of the creek may seem I still wouldn't recommend drinking it, because the herd is driven through between the area of waterfall and its source!)
Being a two-storey waterfall, it's worth climbing up the rock, otherwise you are able to see only a part of this natural wonder! (Facing the cascade, somewhat to the right there are staircase-like cracks and ledges in the rock that facilitate the climb!) Having admired the waterfall we continue our way going upwards, opposite the direction of the creek's flow then after approx. 300 m we reach the creek's source. From a just 15-square meter- area seven headsprings arise that have such refreshing water that we can even quench our thirst by drinking it. If we feel sufficiently rested then we go back to our bikes and we ride further upwards until we reach the first road junction where we turn left at the headspring called "Fountain of Jesus". (The water here is of high quality). Moving on we arrive to the lane called Talasberce where we can find a small shop next to the houses! (Its door is usually closed but if we shout the shopkeeper comes out at once!) A little further along we get to a small cross of Jesus where we turn right. After another 400 m bike ride we reach a three-storey wooden lurking-place from which we can admire from a nearly three floors height how enormous in fact this scattered settlement is. As far as the eye can see, round and round we can see this village's borders. It's not a coincidence that so many people claim that its territory is as big as the territory of the capital city. If we can tear ourselves away from the wonderful view we ride our bikes towards the forest which is in the north-west direction from the look-out tower where we descend by riding our bikes downhill on a slightly steep forest road. After about 1 km we arrive to a wider paved road where we turn left and ride down the road until we reach the tarmac road, then turning left (downwards) we ride our bikes back to the Reservoir.

The tour is about 25 km long and moderately difficult. I wouldn't recommend it to the very novice bikers.

I wish you an enjoyable recreation!

Yours sincerely: Arpad Nagy


10. mountain bikes for adults, and 4 mountain bikes for child.

Bicycle rental price:

- 10 Ron/hour/bicycle (min. 2 hours)
- 40 Ron/day/bicycle

- The lease of min. 5 bikes per day, you get 10% discount!
- The prices include VAT.

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