Dog sled tour on Harghita!

Dog sled tour on Harghita!

The Siberian Husky is a mid-sized, dense-coat working dog breed originated in north-eastern Siberia.
It's easily recognisable due to its odourless thick fur and the triangular ears, usually grey or silver coloured. Its body is fairly dense. According to its initial purpose, they are quite exceptional while under harness with light load at moderate speeds, they can travel long distances. Their eyes give the impression of them being quite friendly and they are indeed a great company; their breeders greatly appreciate them.

At the moment, our Husky team is made out of 22 dogs and with their help we're wandering throughout the day, mostly in the Harghita Mountains. During these tours, not only we have the chance to experience the snowy mountains, but we also get to experience the flock, their behaviour and daily routine.

Dog sled tour on Harghita!

Our tours are divided into 3 categories:

Beginner: About 3 km length sections on sleigh (either sitting or standing next to the mushers) with 8 dogs pulling.
Price: 20 EUR / person (Can be booked with a minimum of 5 people)

Advanced: 15-20 km section on light terrain, with 6 dogs pulling, it can be booked for 1-5 people.
Price: 100 EUR/Person

Extreme: 30-40 km section with 6-8 dogs pulling, with 2 escorts, both front and behind and it's a full day's schedule.
Price: 300 EUR

Note: Prices are just approximate quotes, the bookings can be personalised and prices modified as per the agreement.

Bookings must be done at least 3 days before in order to plan the route according to the weather.

Starting point : Csikszereda: 46°23'4.45"N 25°49'59.31"E

Contact: Zoltan Parajdi Tel: 004-0745 108313

Enjoy the ride!

Dog sled tour on Harghita!

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