Varsag, the unspoiled boondocks!

Varsag, the unspoiled boondocks!

Reaching the location: Getting through romantic places by a 50 year old car. (max.7pers.) The last quarter of the way on foot. (7 km)
- Looking at the wonderful “Csurgoko” (It is the waterfall of Seklerland, the headwaters of the Nagy Kukullo)
- If you are thirsty drink clear and icy spring water
- We climb up the hill and discover Varsag
- We get acquainted with the shingle-roof making. If you want you can try it out.

Time: 6 h
Quotation: 100 Euro/group

- here you can have a meal on request (fried steak, potato with parsley, pickles, home made bread, plum brandy, mineral water and beer)

Quotation: 10 Euro/pers

The Csurgoko waterfall:
Varsag is in the east west direction and 12 km from the Zetea dam. At the sign post near the Julia ABC we take the road to the right, to the centre of the village and at the TEKERES post sign turn right towards Nagykut. You should park your car at the Nagykut School. You can wonder one of the most amazing sights around. We get to the Talasberce sign (nailed in a tree) and we turn left and after 1,5-2 km walk we get to the waterfall sign post. You can already hear the sound of the falling water. After 50 m you get to a beautiful place where you can fresh yourselves up under the waterfall. (Drinking the water is not quite advisable because the flocks are crossing it.)

It is a two-leveled waterfall, so it’s worth climbing up the cliff. (Standing opposite the waterfall on the right side you can see some steps and moldings for climbing!) After the fall we continue up the river and after 500 m we get to the headwater. There are 7 springs on 15 m2 and their water is freshing you up. Later we get to Talasberce, there are some houses and a small supermarket. (The door is usually closed but if you shout the shop assistant will arrive right away.) Not far from the place there is the Mutato (Pointer) look-out tower built of wood. (At the cross first turns on the right then on the left) It is a three floor high look-out, you can observe how large this village is. It is the same village as far as the eye can reach. Many people believe that its territory is as large as the capital city. You can get back on the same path to the cross then turn right. Try to remember: you always have to come downhill and at every crossroads you must turn left. If you do not forget this then you should arrive not far from the school where you left your cars. The distance is about 10 km.

Discover the miracles of Varsag!

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