Szekler Equestrian Festival!

Szekler Equestrian Festival!
Szekler Equestrian Festival!

Szekler Equestrian Festival!

The IXth Szekler Equestrian Festival was organized in 2016 in Gheorgheni, at the equestrian riding course and there were more than sixty programs and almost four hundred artists and competitors.

The reunion of the horse lovers that took place on Saturday and Sunday cannot be expressed in numbers. But it can be expressed in experiences offered by the Szekler Equestrian Festival organized every year in Gheorgheni.

During eight years the Equestrian Days in Gheorgheni have turned into Szekler Equestrian Festival. The local government of Gheorgheni city backed the right horse when it supported this event according to its possibilities because the Days have turned into a Festival.

The human-horse relationship became appreciated again as there are more and more riding schools and traditionalist associations in Szeklerland. The Szekler Equestrian Festival strengthens love felt for horses and it also strengthens the responsibility for the maintenance of traditions because we are proud of being a rider nation.

The interest shown to this event was proportional to the variety of the programs. We could see there blacksmiths, saddlers and also people selling traditional products. We could also find a great variety of food, drinks, many applauses and high spirits. We should also not forget about mentioning the "Rising Star" horse driving competition. There were also other contests, show-jumpings, the traditional "Pal Agnes" show-jumping championship and two-in-hand and four-in-hand horse driving competitions. We got an inside view of the mystery of the horseback archery, we could see the show presented by the horseback stunt men and we also got an inside view of the life of the draft horses.

There were long queues of cars transporting people to the equestrian riding course and high interest was shown by the stands full of people. At this event participated Szeklers coming from Hungary, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Israel. The organizers declared that we have grown together with horses and nature. God created us this way.


Recommended itinerary: Odorheiu Secuiesc - Zetea - Valea Stramba - Gheorgheni, approximately 63 km.

We wish you lots of fun!

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