Kayaking and canoeing on the reservoir in Zetea

Kayaking and canoeing on the reservoir in Zetea
Kayaking and canoeing on the reservoir in Zetea

Kayaking and canoeing on the reservoir in Zetea

Anyone who has visited the Zetelaki Reservoir knows how wonderful this landscape is. Now you have the opportunity to discover the world, the so-called Zetea Reservoir, on your own, "walking on the water." You can admire nature and have a special experience.


Most kayaks are also ideal for complete beginners as they are very stable and safe due to their shape. However, there are also kayaks that require a little more knowledge, they are less stable but you can go faster with them, I would rather recommend them to those who already have some experience. There are one-person kayaks by which you can take a smaller package (e.g. water). Some kayaks have seats that make rowing more comfortable. For those who are afraid for the first time, or just want to go in pairs or even with their child, there are also double kayaks, and these kayaks also have seats.


For those who like to work in a team, canoeing is most ideal as canoes are used by four people. Canoeing brings people together better as teamwork is needed here. When all four people paddle in sync, it has its own beauty and results as well. Canoeing can also be appropriate for a family.

Important information:

A few things to know about kayaking and canoeing: It applies to both kayaks and canoes that it is not necessary to paddle hard to move. It is enough to paddle with relatively little force, which also helps to maintain stability. It is not advisable to stand up in watercraft, as this will significantly increase the chances of the person falling into the water. When used as intended, there is no reason for anyone to fear, the vehicles are safe and we provide a life jacket for everyone, the use of which is mandatory whether the person can swim or not.


Using a paddleboard (SUP) can be mastered in just a few minutes, it just takes some sense of balance and courage. The hardest part is maybe getting up on the board, but after some practice, it goes more smoothly, and those who are more fearsome can ride their boards while sitting or kneeling. Sups are mostly one-person, but with the bigger ones you can go with up to two. There is also Mega Sup for even more exciting experience, it is for 5 (up to 6) people, some teamwork is needed to enhance the experience. With this, almost everything is available for an adventurous paddleboarding - all you have to do is look for a proper sightseeing and travel companions.

Paddle Boats:

The paddle boat is the safest possible vehicle for 4 people (of which 2 people). From this you can jump or even sunbathe, due to the large space in the back. There is more space here, so you can take a larger thing with you.


The boat is also for 4 people (1 of them is rowing), like a paddle boat, it is also large and very safe, ideal for families with children.

Important information:

At the reservoir, anyone can paddle freely in the designated area, either by kayak or canoe, only attention must be paid to fishermen not to disturb them in their activities. There are also fishermen on the shore and in boats, it is worth keeping a fair distance from them to keep the peace.
The rental is easily accessible on the road to Varsag, the area has a large parking lot, and camp is also possible.

Our equipments:

There are currently 8 one-person kayaks, 4 tandem kayaks, 6 canoes, 6 sups, 1 mega sup, 1 paddle boat and 2 boats available for paddling. Six of the kayaks are suitable for complete beginners, plus the 4 double kayaks, I recommend the other two kayaks to those who have kayaked before.

Our prices:

One-person kayak: 30 RON / hour / person
Tandem kayak: 50 RON / hour (max. 2 adults+1 child)
Canoe: 100 RON / hour (max. 4 persons)
Paddle boat: 80-100 RON/ hour (max. 5 persons)
Boat: 80-100 RON/ hour (max. 5 persons)
Sup/ paddle board: 30 RON/ hour/ person
Mega Sup 100-150 RON/hour (max. 6 persons)
Note: our prices include the use of the tool, the oar and the vest, as well as a crash course for beginners to get on the water without any problems.

Opening hours:

It is open on weekdays from 12 noon to 8 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
This opening period is from 1 May to 30 September.
Rowing at other times is by prior arrangement.

Contact data:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoldkalap
Phone: +40 753 772 924
Email: zoldkalap.kajak@gmail.com

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