Kayaking and canoeing on the reservoir in Zetea

Kayaking and canoeing on the reservoir in Zetea

Anyone who has visited the reservoir knows how wonderful this landscape is. Now you also have the opportunity to row on the reservoir in Zetea and have a special experience.

Most kayaks are also ideal for complete beginners as they are very stable and safe due to their shape. There are also kayaks that require a little more knowledge, they are less stable but you can travel faster with them. Each kayak can carry a personal, smaller package (e.g., water, sticks).
Canoes are suitable for four people. Canoeing brings people together better because serious teamwork is needed here. When all four people paddle in sync, it has its beauty and results as well.

We can say both in the case of kayaks and canoes that it is not necessary to paddle hard to move. It is enough to paddle with relatively little force, which also helps to maintain stability. It is not advisable to stand in vehicles as this will significantly increase the chances of a person falling into the water. When used according to its intended purpose, there is no reason for anyone to fear, because kayaks and canoes are safe, plus everyone is required to wear a life jacket, whether they can swim or not.

On the reservoir anyone can paddle freely anywhere, either by kayak or canoe. We just need to be careful regarding the anglers in order not to disturb them in their activities. We can meet anglers along the coast and in boats as well, and it is definitely worth keeping a fair distance from them for the sake of peace.

The kayak and canoe rental place is easily accessible via the road leading to Vărşag and has free parking. Camping is also possible on the site.
There are currently 8 kayaks and 4 canoes available for paddling. 6 out of the 8 kayaks are suitable for complete beginners, the other two are recommended for those who have kayaked before.

The price of kayaking is 30 Lei / hour / person
The price of canoeing is 100 lei / hour (25 lei / person)
It is open daily between 12:00 pm - 8 pm from 1 June to 30 September.
Kayaking / canoeing at other times is by prior arrangement.

Contact data:
Phone: +40 753 772 924

Kayaking and canoeing on the reservoir in Zetea
Kayaking and canoeing on the reservoir in Zetea

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