Montaincart tour and downhill bike trails in Varsag!

Montaincart tour and downhill bike trails in Varsag!
Montaincart tour and downhill bike trails in Varsag!
Montaincart tour and downhill bike trails in Varsag!

The tours start from the ski slopes in Varsag. The leisure centre offers hiking, rock climbing, electric bike tours and you can even try downhill and mountaincarting on the prepared trails. Equipment can be hired at the bungalow at the bottom of the trail. The lift operates between 12 and 16 o'clock. After the activities, you can relax in the local restaurant and enjoy a delicious lunch to round off a busy day.

Montaincart tour

The mountaincart is a three-wheeled vehicle that, thanks to its stability and easy steering, allows you to experience the thrill of speeding in safe conditions. Since steering is very easy and can be learned in no time, we recommend it to everyone from children to seniors. All participants will be given a helmet and will then take the ski lift to the top of the slope. Here they will receive their mountaincart and after a short briefing, the fun begins. The wide trail allows everyone to enjoy the 1200 metres of winding road at their own pace. Parents can bring younger children on their laps, so no one is left out.
3 wheels, speed in a sitting position, brakes only, no pedals, maximum enjoyment. The hand brakes don't work at the same time, but you can use the left and right brake separately, so you can enjoy the sharp bends.


Descent Children(under 14 years)  Adults(over 14 years) 
1 25 Ron 30 Ron
2 40 Ron 50 Ron
3 50 Ron 65 Ron
4 60 Ron 78 Ron
5 70 Ron 90 Ron
6 80 Ron 101 Ron
7 90 Ron 111 Ron
8 100 Ron 120 Ron

Downhill bike trails

Access to the bike trail is also by cable car. Bicycles can also be hooked up to the chairlift, so that they can be transported.
The track is 1200 metres long, with ramps and sharp bends. Thanks to its good design, it is a popular destination for sports enthusiasts. To go down the trail, it is essential to wear appropriate safety equipment and a helmet.

80 Ron/adults/day
60 Ron/children/day

The leisure center on GOOGLE MAPS

TEL: 004-0753 701033

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