Harghita-Madaras - the highest mountain (1801 m)

Harghita-Madaras - the highest mountain (1801 m)

Harghita-Madaras: (1801 m above sea-level)
Reaching the place: through the fir-tree woods, 50 year old car (max.7pers.) 2+2 km climbs from the rest-house to the top of the mountain.
Time: 6 h
Price: 75 Euro/group

How can you get to Harghita- Madaras:
Starting from Odorheiu Secuiesc to Miercurea-Ciuc at Bradesti you turn left to Gheorgheni (road 138) After Sub Cetate you turn right and leave the county road. You go through the valley of Ivo stream for about 10 km. Then turn right and go on 9 km and you reached the rest-house.

Note: At the last turn, at “Filio” crossroad, there is a fee for about 2 Euros. In wintertime you can go up only by four-wheel power or by chained wheels. It isn’t advisable to start this journey by a low car. From the last, “Filio” crossroads there are tractors which can take you up to the rest-house. (Information about the schedule of the tractors can get from Zita Deak Tel: OO4-O744 788397

Harghita- Madaras (1801 m):
The top from the rest-house is about an hour climb. The path isn’t hard, it is just a pleasant walk. Don’t miss it if the weather conditions allow to. Many people say that you weren’t in Seklerland if you didn’t see the Mountain. As the climb goes you need to stop from time to time to look at the amazing panorama. On the top of the mountain the scenery is breath taking almost all Transylvania is lying at our feet. You cannot forget it. The top gives you other unforgettable feelings … The mysterious feeling is intensified by the dispersedly mount little-bigger rock piles and rock-inscriptions as well as Sekler memorial posts and crosses.

The Harghita- Madaras is Seklerland and Harghita county highest mountain. It is the eastern remains of a volcanic crater. The crater’s width is about 5 km. The longest river in Harghita county, the Vargyas creek, flows from the southern side of the mountain. People believe that the mountain is the saint mountain of the seklers.

Ski slopes on the Harghita-Madaras:
Harghita- Madaras is one of the most popular ski resorts in Transylvania. It is 36 km from Odorheiu Secuiesc. There are 4,5 km ski slopes at 1500-1700 altitude. The skiing slopes are snowy from mid December till mid April. Well-equipped machines maintain the slopes. There is a non-stop mountain rescue service for those who are lost or have any problems. Ski-lifts are working from 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. In the Sugo Pension you can buy daily or weekly tickets, renting ski equipment and taking part in skiing lessons on request.
1. Chair lift 650 m
2. Hook lift 700 m
3. Student lift 200 m

The “Sugo” slope is the best known and the most comfortable one. The upper part of the ski slope is covered by snow almost all the time of the season because it is situated in the west. It is 700 m long and the fall is 90 m. It is a little bit declivitous and it is absolutely perfect for beginners, learners or for children groups. From the wide clearing you get slowly into the woods among the trees and the slope is getting steeper and steeper. The lower part of the slope is good for advanced skiers. The classical starting point goes to north and from “Szildomb” you can continue till the “Nagy Csucs” (1801 m). If the snow is perfect then you can ski a 2 km distance.

1. student slope 100 m
2. blue slope 1500 m
3. red slope 1500 m
4. black slope 600 m
5. extreme slope 700 m

There are 4 ski slopes on the Harghita-Madaras mountain and they are called: Sugo, Mihaly, Zarug and Vargyas.

Sugo (1 hook lift, 2 rope baby lift)
This is the easiest slope. It is 850 m long, 135 m fall. The upper part is wide and it is getting narrow – the upper part is good for learning. The lower part is quite steep (skier call it “the wall”) it stretches till the foot of Mihaly alps.

Mihaly (1 chair lift)
It is 800 m long, 206 m fall. It is quite steep and the lower part stretches to Sugo stream.

Have fun!

Yours sincerely,
Arpad Nagy

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