Observe the Brown bear in the wild!

Observe the Brown bear in the wild!

Charge: 30 Euro/pers. (min.4 pers. and max.6 pers.) If the bear does not appear a 60 Euro organization fee should be paid.

The bear comes trough to the feeding place from the wood in the evening. We need to get there 2-2,5 hours before that. As usually wild animals, the bear is also very precautious, so please avoid any loud talks and noise making. Strong perfume scent can be disturbing, too. If you try to use your camera the flashlight makes the bear run away.

Contact: Nagy Arpad 004-0744615452

The meeting point on GOOGLE maps

The GPS coordinate of the meeting place: 

46°25'32.5"N 25°23'12.0"E    or   46.425705, 25.386662

Brown bears (Ursus arctos)
The brown bear can reach up to 1-1.25 m height and 2-2.2 m length. It weighs between 150-250 kilos but some strong ones can weigh even 350 kilos. They eat almost everything from grass, mushrooms, roots, wild fruit, and bugs to smaller or bigger mammals. Usually they are lonely animals but at the sight of a delicious blue-berry bush some of them can get together. Their resting time starts at the beginning of winter and weather conditions determine their length. (There is no resting time in warmer places) At wintertime they loose weigh (even a quarter) so in spring they start putting back the lost weight.
Cubs come in winter time and they stay with their mother till the second spring but in many cases they live together 3-4 years. Male bears do not take part in nurturing, moreover they put them in danger. Brown bears live almost 25 years in their natural habitat.

Yours sincerely
Nagy Arpad

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